Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Introducing PECS

PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) as a connected speech development
tool for children from immigrant families
Armenuhi Avagyan


The immigrant children had difficulties of integration, socialization, psychological problems conditioned by language barrier. For the period 2012-2013, we had to work with several immigrant children from Belgium, Russia and Syria. In comparison with children with speech disorders, these children did not avoid contact, but had difficulties with communication, conditioned by defective language skills. We have created a work plan for a child, taking into consideration the level of his intellectual and speech development. Besides, taking into consideration the characteristics of grammar, syntax and flexibility of the Armenian language, we have modified PECS: we have created separate cards of auxiliary verbs, endings, conjunctions and etc. Topics for classes were chosen taking into consideration the child’s interests. Our experience of work with PECS usage with immigrant children has shown, that the work based on pictures accelerates vocabulary enrichment, the children learn grammatical constructions easier, express themselves more freely, which makes them self-confident. Well-developed speech is considered as one of the most important means of socialization, dynamic activities and successful teaching in modern society.

Example of a PECS card: Connection between vocabulary and image



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