Friday, November 29, 2013

Speakers of charity discuss the situation of the EU

Speakers of charity discuss the situation of the EU

In the course of the autumn meeting of the working group of EU referees of the Diocesan Caritas Associations in Brussels recent challenges of European politics were in the focus of interest. In a joint session of the EU referees with the colleagues of AWO, Diakonie and parity the union’s situation was discussed regarding towards the upcoming European elections in May 2014.
Invited guests for this purpose were the Europe representatives Jutta Steinruck (SPD) and Markus Ferber (CSU) and the director of Workability Europe, Anke Seidler. In the discussion, presented by Katharina Wegner (Diakonie), with the about 50 representatives of the charity issues like the high youth unemployment rate in some EU member states or the problems of refugees at external borders of the EU were discussed.
The discussants agreed on that at the sight of the current situation all efforts have to be focused on avoiding a further drifting of the living conditions in the European Union. The views about the necessary instruments, however, differed.
In the end there was the congruent assessment that a powerful voice of charity is needed also and especially in the European politics discussion in order to balance the structurally applied overweight of economic topics on European level.

(Photo from left to right: Jutta Steinruck, Michael Müller, Markus Ferber, Katharina Wegner, Anke Seidler)
source: New Caritas

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