Thursday, February 27, 2014

Teaching Russian to Returnees

“Teaching Russian to Returnees. Methodology and Difficulties”.

Bella Ayunts

Returnee children and teenagers
In the Russian lessons the communicative method is used. The children perform dialogs, stagings, visualisations (concrete, visual, via Internet). Electronic media are used as well.
Returnees and teenagers:  Grigoryan Anna, Chatyan Levon, Chatyan Ashot, Avetyan Hasmik, Badalyan Elina, Ghevondyan Sergej, Khdryan Vladimir, Khdryan Ani, Eghiazaryan Hermine, Martirosyan Hajkanush, Martirosyan Norajr, Tumasyan Gor, Vardanyan Kima.
Textbooks:: Антонова В.Е., Нахабина М.М., Сафронова М.В., Толстых А.А. Дорога в
Россию, 2008; Миллер Л.В., Политова Л.В., Рыбакова И.Я. Жили-были ... (учебник и
рабочая тетрадь), 2008; Акишина А.А. Русский язык в играх, 2011 (различные игровые
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изучающих русский язык. Русский язык, 2009.

Difficulties in lessons

1. There are always new children in the group, usually without previous knowledge or with a low language competence. In this case it is hard to integrate them in the group. Therefore it is suitable to work with them individually to make them catch up with their peers.
2. The other category of difficulties is caused by the specificity of the Armenian language, e.g. in Armenian there is no category of gender existing. Under the influence of the mother tongue plenty of mistakes appear in Russian.
For instance: он (instead of she) and vice versa.
класть (instead of) and vice versa.
идти (instead of) and vice versa.

In order to avoid such mistakes, the use of cognitive operations is needed.

The children are enthusiastic when the lessons are held in the museum or at the different historical memorial places. Thus, they acquire knowledge about culture, traditions, habits of the own country.

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