Sunday, May 26, 2013

From the landlord to the partner

RECEA - from the landlord to the partner   

From 25th to 26th May 2013 the meeting of AWO Heimatgarten took place in Frankfurt am Main with Prof. Dr. Ruben Mirsakhanjan, rector of the state pedagogic university Yerevan and his vicerector Prof. Dr. Mher Melik-Bakhshyan.

The university Yerevan is with about 13,000 students the leading university of applied sciences of Armenia, consisting of eleven faculties with 42 chairs. The landlord of the Heimatgarten Adaptation Center Yerevan (HAY), opened in December 2012 on the university area, has now become a central partner for the RECEA project. Rector Prof.Dr. Mirsakhanjan, a popular scientist and an important voice in many political, social and religious areas of life, coordinates all the contacts of the university with the state authorities, the ministries and not least the Armenian parlament. Prof. Dr. Mirsakhanjan communicated the collaborators of AWO Heimatgarten on the occasion of the meeting that he was “glad and proud to contribute to this international project of the European Union.”
During the meeting with Volker Tegeler, managing director of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bremerhaven, the further cooperation within the RECEA project was discussed in detail. Inter alia two international conferences, which are planned for September 2013 and May 2014 in the Armenian capital Yerevan, will take place. Furthermore there have been talks concerning the implementation of information and discussion meetings at a round table and further plans with regard to various training measures over the course of the RECEA project. A possible cooperation in future international projects was mentioned as well. The meeting offered many opportunities to Volker Tegeler and all other collaborators of AWO Heimatgarten to see themselves how the RECEA project is progressing and to define areas of emphasis for the further work of the project collaborators.

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