Saturday, June 22, 2013

Trip to Sardarapat

Report about the trip to

On 22nd June 2013 the trip to Sardarapat was organised by Heimatgarten Adaptation Center Yerevan (RECEA program). The bus and the companion were provided by the firm Welcome Tour.
Even before the trip the according materials about Sardarapat and Metsamor were studied with the children, after this the Armenian teacher, Gayan Terzyan, showed the movie.
The first stop was Metsamor, were the children visited exhibits of the museum of bronze and iron age and the ancient-historical settlement.
The second stop was Sardarapat, a very important historical memorial place for the Armenian people, where the memorial in honour of the victory of the national liberation struggle against the Turkish emperors (1918) is situated. Just in 1918 the first Armenian Republic was proclaimed.
Sardarabat is known for it’s ethnographic museum where the children were introduced to the national colours of ancient times and the present.
With considerable attention the children took the patrimonial knowledge, they were impressed by the trip. 

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