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Under discussion with the parents

Under discussion with the parents

In the course of the RECEA project there were interviews conducted with parents of returnee children concerning the situation of the affected.

Mrs M.C.

Where are You from? We are from Germany, from the city Bremerhaven, 2006 we returned to Armenia. Maria was 3 years old back then. Now she is already 10 years old. She is learning German in the center and it really pleases her. She is making big progress. In a very short time she is already able to speak German, to read, to write, even to sing. And I can refresh my German skills together with her. Maria likes everything organised in the center: the Christmas celebration, Easter, the museum visits, the lessons in the museum. She also received a certificate for her participation in the German Olympiad. All this is a festival for her, something very pleasant.

Do You want the program to be prolonged? My daughter is dreaming of it. Me, too.

Mrs A. H.
Where are You from? I came back from Denmark to Yerevan in the end of August. Our family has lived there for four years.
Do Your children study in school? My daughter, Anahit, is studying here in Yerevan. She is in 9th grade, in the N57 school. This was possible thanks to the efforts of the head of the Center Melanya Astvatsatryan. In Armenia she went to the school for 5 years (grade 1-5).
How did You get to know about our center? From an announcement in the newspaper “Gind”.
How do You like the language lessons in the center? My daughter is very amazed and likes to visit the center. Especially the excursions please her. The children get many information about the culture, the history and the present Armenia. The visits of the historical memorial places are important as well. For instance, she has never been to Garni and Geghard before and always tells enthusiastically what she saw there.
Do You want the program to be extended? Yes, of course. We do not just want to learn Armenian and Russian but also English.

Mrs R.S.
Where are You from?
We returned from Poland to Armenia. My son Levon spent his school time in different countries: in Armenia, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Poland. His first language was Russian. He still has big struggles with the Armenian language.
How did You get to know about our center? We got to know about your program through the newspaper “Gind”. Then, the organisation “Hope & Help” brought us to the center. We just chose the Armenian classes. Firstly, my son wanted to know the Armenian colloquial. But now he has to prepare for the external examination.  In this respect the center is helping us a lot. We are very satisfied with the program and the work of the center.
Do You want the program to be extended? My son is very pleased to learn the language in the center. He also takes part in the excursions and completes all the tasks he get there.

Mrs K.G.
Where are You from? I returned from Bulgaria. Mkrtich, our son, is born in Bulgaria and raised there. He went to school there. He knows Armenian, but is not so good in writing and reading. We are worried about that, but it is good that he already learned a lot in the Center. A miracle! In one and a half months he was already able to write and to read. He also made great achievements in learning the Russian language. We are satisfied with the teachers and the lessons. My son visits the center with lots of pleasure.
Do You want the program to be prolonged?
Undoubtedly! This is a very good program!

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