Thursday, March 6, 2014

Another example case

On 10th January 2013 we sent RECEA returnee S. H. to Armenia.

Mrs H. came in January 2013 to Germany and applied for asylum here. But the real goal was a permanent medical treatment. After the reception of a negative medical report she decides to come back to Armenia.
We have organised the return of Mrs H. in collaboration with the Aliens Office Worms RP. Mrs H. needs constantly medical surveillance. The Social Security Office Worms got Mrs H. medicaments (chemotherapy) for a course in Armenia. In Worms, she was accompanied by two Aliens Department officials. At 4 p.m. we met at Frankfurt airport. Afterwards we ordered a wheelchair to the plane for Mrs H. The same service we booked at the airline Aeroflot in Moscow. Mrs H. was taken by plane from Frankfurt to the plane to Yerevan at the airport Scheremetyewo by wheelchair. Mrs H. doesn’t speak any German and thanks Heimatgarten for the psychological and moral support, for the numerous consultations and contacts with the authorities and for the good organisation of the return. Mrs H. was picked up at the airport in Yerevan by her whole family.

On 11th October 2013 I had a phone call with S. H. She was well received in Armenia and finally she is together with her husband, children and other relatives. On 23rd October 2013 the daughter of S. H. is going to marry. The life goes on.

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