Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Open house day in the consultancy office for EU immigrants

Open house day in the consultancy office for EU 


"We are very glad about the strong interest!", said Dr. Margaret Brugmann, project leader of the AWO Bremerhaven and responsible person for the consultancy for EU immigrants, on the occasion of yesterdays open house day in the Dr. Lothar Koring house in Surfeld street, and adds: "With 71 clients, more than 200 first contacts and daily telephone requests concerning the most various topic fields - from our point of view the need of this supply of advisory in Bremerhaven has been completely confirmed in the first five weeks of our work." 
The open house day was initiated by the city council Rosche and Dr. Brugman, following there was a guided tour through the rooms of the consultancy, followed by a small snack. Beside clients and interested citizens there were representatives of various authorities from Bremen and Bremerhaven and migrant organisations on site. 

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