Thursday, June 5, 2014

Goodbye party for returnee children and their parents



Goodbye party for returnee children and their parents

On Saturday, 31st May, the reintegration center invited all returnee children and their parents to say goodbye. There were about 35 people. In the festively decorated room stood a nice set table with a lot of food and drinks: sparkling water and mineral water, pizzas, small pies filled with mushrooms, cabbage and potatoes. The coronation of the most beautiful hour was the grandiose cake “Intoxicating cherry”, which disappeared within a moment. 
The Armenian language teacher, Gayane Terzyan, told about how much the children had learned, which achievements they have made, by comparing the achieved language level of the children with the entry level. She emphasised that from now the children have to learn independently in order not to forget the acquired knowledge. Her slogan was “Don’t forget the home country”. The leader of the RECEA center, Melanya Astvatsatruyan,  did not only talk about the role of general education and progress in the performance of the students, about socialisation processes but also about the effective work of the language teachers Gayane Terzyan, Bella Ayunts, Shushanik Petrosyan, about their positive influence on the language learning of the children. 
Afterwards the parents had their say (Margarita Khandanyan, Alina Tumasyan, Armine Terzyan,
Araksya Martirosyan). They talked about the outstanding importance of the center for their children, about knowledge in Armenian, German, Russian, which they have acquired, about unforgettable excursions to Garni, Geghard, Echmiadzin, Sardarapat, about their impressions after the visit of the Matenadarns, the historical museum, the museum of the city Yerevan, about various visits to theaters. They were especially impressed by the Christmas and Easter events in the center.

Finally, Maria sang an Armenian folksong with her beautiful voice.

Gladly the children and their parents had their photograph taken. 



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