Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Psychologist's report


Psychologist Report


Psychologist Lilit Baghdasaryan, works at the centre since November 1st, 2013
In November, four children used the psychological consulting services at the centre. At first, a group meeting took place. The psychologist explained to the children what psychological work consists of, and for which issues they can ask for psychological support.
Then individual consulting took place, and the psychological problems of every child were found out. Each child made an appointment for the time and day of the next meeting. One child already started psychological treatment and two consulting took place with her. The next one is to take place next week.
The program for children is still going through various developmental adjustments, and will eventually include psychological seminars. During these seminars the participants will get information about different psychological behavior models, successful ways of communication and social adaptation. It will be easier for children to ask questions in such a  form of psychological communication and the reaction process will be quicker as well.

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