Saturday, November 23, 2013

A trip to Garni/Geghard

The trip to Garni/Geghard

On 23rd November 2013 an excursion to Garni and Geghard was organised by the AWO Heimatgarten Adaptation Center Yerevan (RECEA project). 24 persons (children, teenagers, parents) participated in the excursion.  Two comfortable coaches brought the children to the destination.

The Garni fortress used to be the summer residence of the Armenian kings for some centuries.
On the territory of the fortification a hellenistic temple with 24 ionic columns was built by Tiridates I in the first century. The Garni temple was destroyed by an earthquake in 1679 and then rebuilt. During excavations a Romanian bath house was discovered. 

 Worth seeing is the antique church consisting of blue-black basalt as well.
Geghard is an Armenian monastery in the district Kotajk.
Since 2000 it is belonging to the UNESCO world heritage. The founding of the monastery in the 4th century in the place of a pagan source is attributed to St. Grigor. It was destroyed by the Arabians in the 9th century and afterwards reconstructed in 1215.
The monastery is belonging to the important testimonies of the Armenian Apostolic Church and is carved in stone.
In the late afternoon the children returned to Yerevan, tired, but full of rich impressions. They enjoyed the trip. 

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