Friday, September 13, 2013

Family S. returns to Armenia

Mrs. S. was born in Armavir, Armenia in 1978. Armanir is only 44 km away from Armenia's capital Yerevan and many people from Armavir move there to study at the universities of Yerevan. Mrs. S. also did so, and graduated both from the Armenian Pedagogic University and the Academy of Financial Sciences. She married a fellow student and inherits a small shop from her parents. The young family is productive and proactive, which also didn't change after the birth of her two daughters. Unfortunately, Mrs. S.' husband started to drink and eventually devolved into an alcoholic who was unable to find or keep a job. Mrs. S. divorced her husband, but he continued to follow and even stalked her. After physical attacks with both a gun and a knife, Mrs. S. decided to flee from her former husband and leave Armenia. Since she speaks German relatively well, she decided to apply for asylum in Germany. In 2012, she arrived with her two daughters (born in 2005 and 2006) and applied for asylum in Chemnitz.

For the single mother, life proved to be difficult in the asylum residence. Mrs. S. got involved in an ongoing conflict with her neighbours and was disappointed by the education of the children and her passive life.In 2013, she therefore decided to return to Armenia. On July 4th, she applied for the assistance of the Heimatgarten project RECEA for the voluntary return to Armenia, with the explicit aim to return before the beginning of the new school year.

In tight cooperation with the Caritas Oberlausitz, the Heimatgarten office in Frankfurt organised the return of Mrs. S. and her daughters. The family already arrived there on August 7th, so that the children can join the school on the start of the new school year on September 1st, as well as the RECEA adaptation centre in Yerevan.

Family S. thanks RECEA and ist staff members for the fast and resolute support and help.

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