Tuesday, July 23, 2013

REPORT of the SARDARAPAT Trip , June 22nd, 2013

On June 22nd of this year, together with the children who participate in the language classes in Reintegration Center Armenia we went to a trip. The aim of the trip was to sensitise the children for Armenian history and make it more feasible for them.

The trip was prepared during the language classes. This helped to inform the participating kids about the places we were going to visit and the historical events. The trainers prepared according materiel about the trip's destinations at Metsamor and Sardarapat.

In the morning hours of June 22nd, the children and their custodians left on a bus (which was provided by the company Welcome Tour) for Metsamor. There, the group visited a museum and had the opportunity to see several bronze age and iron age artifacts as ancient settlement on location.

The second leg of the trip led to Sardarapat. This historical memorial is of great importance for Armenians, as it is a reminder of the victims of the liberation struggles against the Turkish conquerors in 1918. At the same place, the foundation of the first Armenian Republic was declared. The intention of this visit was to show the children a part of their own history.
In addition to the memorial, the group also went to the ethnographic museum in Sardarapat. There, the children had the opportunity to become familiar with contemporary and historical Armenian artworks.

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