Monday, February 25, 2013

Some aspects of the State Policy of the Republic of Armenia in the sphere of Migration

For the past years the government of RA announced EU integration as a developing priority political direction in the sphere of migration. With European Neighborhood Policy and Eastern Mobility Partnership initiatives Armenia has handled new responsibilities in this field. The new Concept of State Regulation of Migration in the Republic of Armenia was approved by the RA government in 2010. “Action Plan for Implementation of the Policy Concept for the State Regulation of Migration in the Republic of Armenia  in  2012-2016” was also adopted by the RA Government. In October, 2011  Armenia and EU signed  a joint Declaration on Mobility Partnership, which is aimed at  effective regulation of migration flow between Armenia and 10 countries of EU.

In the framework of the Declaration the following programmes are intended to be implemented.

These programmes mainly refer to irregular migration and integration, information provision on possibilities of  legal migration,  ensuring effective reintegration of  returned citizens and skills raising of the migrants, effective system of  border management, improvement of the asylum system.

A project with the duration of three years on the formation of conditions for the effective reintegration for Armenians who have returned to Armenia from abroad has started in 2012. In the framework of the reintegration projects assistance will be implemented in two ways, consulting on the issues and service provision. The main executor and  responsible figure for the implementation of the project is the State Migration Service of  the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration.

Migrants and Remigrants can get necessary information on the State Migration Service “Hotline” ( +374 )1026-41-63 or visit -



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